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'Miner Wars 2081' enters closed beta, includes 16-player co-op

miner wars
miner wars

First-person space-survival simulation Miner Wars 2081 for PC is entering closed beta after three years in the works, developer Keen Software House announced today.

The beta includes 31 missions, around 10 to 15 hours of gameplay, as well as an in-game editor to take advantage of in the game's sandbox environment and several multiplayer options. Players can choose from over 50 weapons to tote into 15 deathmatch sectors, or choose to build their own deathmatch arenas in the editing program. Co-op missions are also available and can include up to 16 players.

Keen warns beta players that they will be privy to endgame content, and if they encounter any bugs or balancing problems to alert the development team.

A video demonstrating co-op mode for Miner Wars 2081 can be viewed below. Beta access is available through pre-ordering the game via its official website.

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