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'Super Lemonade Factory' releases level pack update, goes free this weekend

Free lemonade this weekend!

super lemonade factory
super lemonade factory

Initials Games' delightful post-World War 2 platformer set in a lemonade factory launches a new user-generated level pack today and the game will be free to download this weekend.

Super Lemonade Factory is an iOS game that sees the player take on the role of Andre, the heir to a lemonade factory during the politically tumultuous period after World War 2. To inherit the factory, Andre and his plum-haired wife, Liselot, must journey through the lemonade factory, using their unique abilities to navigate the spaces and interact with others, like the foreman, the chef, a food inspector, and a general who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military, who is now engaged in a new war.

Released in March of this year, Super Lemonade Factory received a warm reception for its unique game setting, its single-player and co-op modes, and the ability for players to create their own levels using the same tool-set the developers used. Today, the user-generated levels are being released for free in a brand new pack.

"This update is important to me because it delivers a promise I made when I released the game," Initials Games creative director, Shane Brouwer, told Polygon. Brouwer had promised when the game was released back in March that user-generated content would later be released as part of an update.

"It taught me that letting promises fall by the wayside is not how you want to be remembered"

"One of the things in video games that grinds my gears is vaporware," he says. "It's inevitable that companies go bust and priorities shift. The first console to adorn my livingroom was the ColecoVision. It is somewhat infamous for its glossy color zines full of games that never materialized. I'd flip through these manuals as a kid wondering when these games would be released."

Brouwer says that as a child, he was constantly checking video game publications to see when ColecoVision's games would be available, but as the console failed again and again to deliver on the games it promised, Brouwer lost interest and moved onto other consoles. Years later, he looked into what had happened with ColecoVision, only to find that the company went out of business.

"It taught me that letting promises fall by the wayside is not how you want to be remembered," he says.

Super Lemonade Factory and its new level pack are out now on iOS, PC and Mac. The game will be free to download this weekend.

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