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Valve Linux internal beta kicks off next week


An internal beta for Valve's Linux client kicks off next week, with a broader, public 1,000-person beta kicking off sometime in October, according to the official Valve Linux blog.

"Things have been going well," according to the blog post.

The public beta will include Steam, one yet-to-be-announced Valve game and support for Ubuntu 12.04 and above. It won't, according to the post, include Big Picture mode or any other games.

"For existing Linux users, the external private beta is a good release for seeing where we are in running our games on Linux," according to the post. "We will be using a sign up page for the external beta. Information about the sign up will be announced in a future post.

"For those new to Linux, we recommend waiting for a subsequent release where more features are implemented along with improvements to the user install experience."

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