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GameStop launches employee-sponsored charity to aid associates suffering hardships

Gamestop refu
Gamestop refu

Retailer GameStop launched The Gamer Fund today, an employee-sponsored charity aimed at helping GameStop associates facing hardships, the company announced.

The Gamer Fund, paid for with donations from GameStop founders and senior management, will provide financial grants for GameStop associates facing unforeseen emergencies, such as a natural disaster or a loved one's death, to meet their basic needs over the short-term.

"This unique organization allows associates to give back not only by funding its efforts, but also by managing the day-to-day process," said Gamer Fund chairman Mike Buskey. "A recent example of the fund at work is the support given to those affected by Hurricane Isaac."

Currently The Gamer Fund operates only in the United States. GameStop plans to expand funding efforts to cover branches worldwide.

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