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First-ever Border House Game Jam now live

break down your creative borders by making a game

The Border House blog logo
The Border House blog logo

The inaugural Border House Game Jam, a week-long event encouraging people to make their own video games, is now in progress.

The game jam kicked off today when the clock struck midnight, and it will end next Wednesday night exactly 168 hours from then at midnight on Thursday, October 4th, in each time zone. The Border House is asking its readers to build their games in Twine, software that allows you to create interactive stories that resemble Choose Your Own Adventure books. It's easy to understand and use, requiring no programming knowledge.

The theme for the game jam, which is optional, is "borders." Possible avenues to pursue with borders are "physical, geographical, mental; pushing them, crossing them, building them up, tearing them down," said The Border House's staff.

The Border House is a blog geared toward video game fans who feel marginalized, such as feminists, LGBT individuals, and the disabled.

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