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World's best uncle builds steampunk NES

steampunk nes

steampumk nes
steampumk nes

An enterprising uncle created a steampunk version of the NES for his nephew and posted about the undertaking on Reddit earlier today.

Using the top-loading NES-101 model, which Nintendo released in 1993, Redditor Andrew 5785 wrapped metal and wood onto the body of the NES, rewired the on/off switch to the side of the console, and jettisoned the Reset button, figuring that toggling the on/off switch worked just as well.

In his first post on Reddit, Andrew5785 wrote that he undertook the project for his nephew who likes steampunk and wanted his old NES. You can check out a gallery of images he posted on imgur, which shows the process of building the steampunk NES.

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