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Take a virtual trip to QuakeCon with this short film

peace, love and rockets


Always wanted to travel to QuakeCon but never been able to make the time? Itching to see some truly astounding modded PC cases? Or perhaps you just have an insatiable curiosity about one of gaming's most robust subcultures. For all of you, we'd invite you to check out Bawl So Hard, a mini-documentary from our sports-centric sister site, SB Nation.

The 11-minute short film turns the camera away from id's explosive games and on to the people that love them. You'll meet four-time mod champ Derrick Jackson and champion Bawls chugger KenCol 2 as they both desperately try to hold on to their respective titles. Also: Dudes play shirtless Quake.

If you still aren't sated, check out the written companion piece at the newly-redesigned, fully responsive and oh so lovely SB Nation.

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