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'New Little King's Story' shows off trailer before next week's launch

A new trail for New Little King's Story

new little king's story
new little king's story

The much anticipated New Little King's Story for the PlayStation Vita will be arriving on the PlayStation Network on October 2nd. In the lead-up to its launch, developer XSEED Games has released a launch trailer that shows off the ways Vita functionality has been integrated into the game.

Players will be able to use the touch screen to lead their citizens by either tapping on individual citizens or tracing a circle around a group of citizens to command them. The touch screen interface can also be used to open and jump over objects, as well as build monuments in the kingdom.

"The new PS Vita version will allow players to engage more deeply with their fellow characters, compared to the highly popular Wii version of the game," assistant producer at XSEED Games, Takanori Murayama said in a post on the Official PlayStation Blog.

"All characters have experience points, and fighting as a group will help them grow. By changing accessories freely, a player can dress up their troops as they like. It is also possible to banish characters whom the players dislike from their country, then welcome a new character into the group."

New Little King's Story will be available on the PlayStation Vita on October 2nd.

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