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343 Industries shows off third level of 'Halo 4' at Eurogamer Expo

Level 3 of Halo 4 shown

halo 4 large bg3c
halo 4 large bg3c

Halo 4 developer Frank O'Connor demoed the third level of the game at the Eurogamer Expo yesterday, showing off 11 minutes of gameplay.

Speaking to an audience at one of the Eurogamer Expo's Developer Sessions, O'Connor showed off a level of the game that contained some spoilers.

"It's the third level of the game and we're showing you that because it's the pivotal part of the game," he said. "It shows you the Covenant that you're used to battling and the Prometheans that you're going to be used to, that you're going to learn to hate or love depending on how you look at it, and it shows you their conflict and a little bit of a turn in that conflict."

The demo fades to black just before a pivotal moment in the game, limiting the amount of spoilers.

The demo begins at 17:20 minutes.

Halo 4 receives a global release on November 6th, except in Japan where it will release November 8th. Check out Polygon's extensive interview with Frank O'Connor.

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