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'Resident Evil 6' pre-orders shipping early, but without Capcom approval

RE6 goes on sale early

Gallery Photo: Resident Evil 6
Gallery Photo: Resident Evil 6

Early copies of Resident Evil 6 are finding their way into the hands of gamers, but Capcom says it's not because of an official change in the release date.

"Capcom works hard with its retail, distribution and wholesale partners to ensure that street dates for our titles our kept," a spokesperson told Polygon. "It is therefore disappointing to hear that copies Resident Evil 6 are already in consumers' hands ahead of next Tuesday's release date. We will continue to work hard to ensure release dates for future titles are adhered to."

Users on the forum NeoGaf and Twitter began posting about receiving copies of the game's Anthology Edition earlier this week despite the game's official release date being October 2nd. Review embargoes do not lift until October 1st.

In Australia, video game retailer EB also broke the game's street date today after announcing that the game is now available through its retail stores and its online storefront.