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'Dishonored' Steam pre-order bonuses: 'Team Fortress 2' items, 'Arx Fatalis' game


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Dishonored pre-order customers on Steam will receive a few perks for pre-purchasing the game: two Team Fortress 2 items and a free copy of Arx Fatalis, the first title from the game's developer, Arkane Studios.

The Dishonored-themed Team Fortress 2 items consists of a mask that only the Spy can wear, and an in-game badge:

  • Lacking Moral Fiber Mask (Spy only): This grifter's mask is perfect for running the oldest scam in the book: tricking people into thinking you’re a down-on-his-luck, dishonored robot who's just had dental surgery, then getting them to lend you money. Also comes with eye-gun, so if the scam doesn't work, you can rob them.
  • Whale Bone Charm (Badge): Made of Dunwall's finest whalebone, this charm is guaranteed to be ten times as lucky as your other jewelry made of skeleton parts. Say goodbye to that annoying necklace of rabbit feet, bat wings, and shriveled hands you usually wear to buy lottery tickets.

Arx Fatalis, which launched on PC in 2002, is a first-person role-playing game. A spiritual sequel to Ultima Underworld, it bears influences from games made at Looking Glass Studios, where some of the developers at Arkane had previously worked. Read up on Arkane's history in our comprehensive feature on the studio's co-founders.

Dishonored launches on October 9th on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Check out our QuakeCon preview here.

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