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'PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale' mash-up stages need a 'loud voice,' says director

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Gallery Photo: 'PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale' Gamescom 2012 screenshots
Gallery Photo: 'PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale' Gamescom 2012 screenshots

Designing the fighting stages for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale by mashing up two classic PlayStation brands into one level with a "loud voice" was a challenge, according to SuperBot Entertainment director Omar Kendall in a new developer diary.

"We start by sitting around a table, a bunch of designers and artists, trying to figure out an interesting combat space to fight in," Kendall told the PlayStation Blog. "Sometimes that manifests itself as a specific gameplay interaction, whether it's Dreamscape's ever-growing level architecture (a nod to LittleBigPlanet's level creator) or the vertical scrolling in Alden's Tower (a homage to inFAMOUS's final stage).

"Technically, the process can be extremely complicated based on the ideas we're introducing," Kendall added, using the God of War and Patapon-themed stage as an example. "So many of the levels in the game are essentially one-offs. We'll create a lot of technology to construct a specific type of encounter, and then toss it and build a totally different experience for the next level."

Other level mash-ups include the famous cargo plane sequence form Uncharted 3 with elements of Irrational Games' upcoming BioShock Infinite, and Time Station from the Ape Escape universe with the Resistance 3 world slowly seeping into the stage.

Watch the developer diary below for a closer look on how SuperBot remixed PlayStation's top brands into Battle Royale's fighting stages.

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