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Rock Band Music Store adds three-pack of 311

a three-pack of 311

rock band
rock band

The Rock Band Music Store, the digital storefront for developer Harmonix's suite of rhythm games, is adding 311 to the mix for the first time on October 2nd.

Harmonix is bringing three tracks from the genre-busting band to the Music Store: "Down" from their 1996 self-titled album, "Beautiful Disaster" from their 1997 album Transistor, and "Amber" from 2001's From Chaos. "311 Pack 01," which includes all three songs, will cost $5.49. Individual songs are $1.99 each.

The tracks are compatible with Rock Band 3 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, as well as the recently-released Rock Band Blitz, where players can earn double Coins when they play any of the songs. While you're waiting for some Omaha stylee to infect your Rock Band, you can check out Polygon's review of Blitz here.

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