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'War of the Roses' developers hosting live stream for launch

battle the developers themselves

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via www.waroftherosesthegame.com
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War of the Roses launches on PC next week, and its developers at Paradox Interactive will host a live stream to mark the occasion.

The fun begins at noon ET on Tuesday, October 2nd, when fans can sit down to chat with senior producer Gordon Van Dyke as the studio counts down to the moment when the game unlocks on Steam. Paradox will bring some special guests to the proceedings, including noted YouTube personalities and competitive gamers Tejbz, Maven, and 2GD. Once the game launches, War of the Roses players will be able to challenge Van Dyke and Paradox's guests. To help fans prepare, Paradox has made the Player Guide available online.

Paradox will broadcast the launch event on its TwitchTV channel.

War of the Roses is a team-based action game set in England during the mid- to late-15th century, as two factions in the House of Plantagenet battle for the British throne.