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'Rainbow Moon' strategy-RPG coming to PS Vita

Prepare to sink hours into your Vita

rainbow moon
rainbow moon

Rainbow Moon, the downloadable PS3 strategy-RPG which launched earlier this summer from developer EastAsiaSoft, will make its way to the PS Vita next year, the studio announced today.

The developer had teased the possibility of a Vita version of the game when it launched on PS3 in July, but never gave any firm details until now. The strategy-RPG seems like a perfect fit for the handheld, with dozens (or even hundreds) of hours of quests and other content to explore. Owners of the PS3 version of the title will be able to transfer their save data between the two versions of the title; however, it won't be a universal purchase, meaning folks who own Rainbow Moon on PS3 will have to pay to download the Vita version.

"I know there are a few mainly first party releases that can afford to bundle both games together in one release but unfortunately this won't be possible for us," EastAsiaSoft's Nils Ngai told IGN. "Because we aren't using any third party engine or framework that was already designed to work on both platforms, we estimate that it will take us roughly nine months to port Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita, which is a very substantial amount of time."

Ngai added that the studio might be able to offer a discount if shoppers purchase both versions of the game simultaneously.

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