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'Max Payne 3' Social Club now lets you compare stats with friends

See who's the bigger pill-popper

max payne 3
max payne 3

The Rockstar Social Club platform will now allow you to compare your single-player and multiplayer stats from Max Payne 3 with the performances of your friends, Rockstar announced today.

The functionality lets you line up your scores with your friends', seeing who fared better with different gameplay modes, weapons, Grinds, Bursts, and other multiplayer factors. It also breaks down your single-player performance with an exhaustive list of personal bests, such as consecutive hits, highest Campaign difficulty completed, and total accuracy fired. You can also compare cumulative stats, like how many bullets Max has fired overall, or how many pills he's popped during his quest for vengeance.

Registered members can start comparing and contrasting now on the Rockstar Social Club site.

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