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Valve's Faliszek tells aspiring developers to make their own jobs in the industry


Chet Faliszek, a writer at Valve, encouraged those who want to break in the video game industry to do something straightforward. "Create something," he said in a talk at the Eurogamer Expo.

In a talk called " How to give yourself a job in the games industry," Faliszek said that it's a question constantly asked of Valve, and this is the company's standard answer. "I'm being serious. There are no gatekeepers. There are no requirements. There is no prior experience that you need. Just make something," he said.

He encouraged aspiring and indie developers to get involved online, listen to criticism, and engage with other developers in the same position. He also suggested submitting games to Valve's recent Steam Greenlight initiative, which allows Steam users vote on the independent games to be released on the digital distribution service.

Aspiring developers can watch Faliszek's talk below.

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