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Sony to close PSP Digital Comics service

There are no current plans to bring the service to the Vita


Sony's PlayStation Portable Digital Comics service will no longer sell comics after October 30th, reports CVG.

Services will operate normally until then. By mid-January, servers are expected to shut down completely, barring users from re-downloading comics they already own. Users will need to download any content they've purchased to retain access; Sony recommends their media management system, Media Go.

"We apologize to fans for the change and thank you for your support of the Comic Store for PSP," said Mayumi Donovan of SCEE.

According to Donovan, there are no current plans to bring the service to the Vita.

We have contacted Sony for comment and will update accordingly.

Update: Sony declined to expand on Mayumi's statement, but did confirm the PSP comic store's end.

"We are now focusing on bringing more digital entertainment to our products," said Karen Spearrin of Sony.

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