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'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' interactive trailer lets you play out a mission your way

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown interactive trailer
XCOM: Enemy Unknown interactive trailer
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis Games' re-imagining of the classic early-'90s turn-based strategy game, is launching in a week and a half, and a new interactive trailer provides players with a chance to test out their decision-making skills.

The full game allows users to put together a four-person squad and send it into battle, and the trailer below gives a taste of that decision as well as a few other choices during missions — all thanks to YouTube's annotation system. Simply click on the path you want to take when the video presents you with two options, but be quick and decisive: if you dilly-dally, a choice will be made for you.

The mission on offer in the video takes place in the United States, with the player's team going up against Sectoids and other alien enemies. First, you choose whether to go in guns blazing or move from cover to cover, and the mission can play out in a few different ways from there. Can you accomplish the mission without suffering a casualty?

XCOM: Enemy Unknown launches on October 9th on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. If you liked the trailer and want more strategic action, check out the demo that's available on Steam.

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