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'NBA 2K Online' headed to China October 24th

NBA 2K in the middle kingdom

nba 2k online 800px
nba 2k online 800px

NBA 2K Online, the free-to-play version of the NBA 2K franchise co-developed by Tencent and Visual Concepts, is headed to China October 24th, publisher Take-Two Interactive announced yesterday.

Using the NBA 2K engine, the game will feature four modes. In NBA Mode, players create an avatar and join an NBA team. Free and Street Modes allow players to control an entire team. Legend Mode allows five players to play on a team they form. The game will also include user-created tournaments, leaderboards, and social networking features.

Activision recently announced that it is bringing Call of Duty Online to the Asian markets on the Tencent platform, and in June, Epic Games announced that Tencent had acquired a minority steak in the company.

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