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Blizzard creates in-game items honoring blind 'World of Warcraft' player and his guide

wow players
wow players

Blizzard has created two in-game items to honor a blind World of Warcraft player and the fellow player that serves as his in-game guide, reports WoW Insider.

British Army soldier Ben Shaw, who plays a shaman named Hexu, was involved in roadside bombing in Iraq that necessitated the surgical removal of both his eyes. Owen, who plays a death knight named Davidian, serves as Shaw's eyes, using a series of macros on both players' computers guide him through in-game tasks. These include everything from making repairs, to taking down major bosses, to raids.

The items are Hexu's Amplifying Helm and Davidian's All-Seeing Eyes, with descriptions that read, "A man with a friend is never without vision," and "Sharp enough to see for two men," respectively.

"We were all amazed and awe struck when we discovered the items," a member of the pair's guild, Die Safe, posted on the European WoW forums. "It's truely hard to believe that our little guild could create something that could be honoured on such a huge level!"

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