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CCP to host first ever 'EVE Online' cash prize tournament

Registration opens on October 12th

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EVE Online players will have the chance to compete in a tournament with a prize pool totaling $10,000, announced CCP.

The tournament, which is expected to take place in November and December of this year, was created with the help of It marks the first cash prize offer in an EVE Online tournament.

Although past competitions have been Alliance-based and therefore excluded a number of players, the competition will shift to a team-based focus. Teams will feature eight active players, with up to 16 reserves for a total of 24 members. Players can participate on only one team, although a team can accept several characters from one player. The official sign-up page for team registration opens on October 12th, and players will have one week to sign up.

The tournament will run in a double elimination format. First prize will grant the winning team a total of $6,000 and an in-game medal, while 4th place awards 25 billion in ISK and a medal.

For a complete list of rules, regulations, and more, visit the website.

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