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'Age of Conan' updates promise new dungeons, PvP content

The update is expected before the end of the year

Several updates to the massively multiplayer role-playing game Age of Conan will bring new content and gameplay tweaks through 2013.

A monthly development update detailing the current content schedule was posted on the game's website. First up is an unchained version of the Amphitheatre of Karutonia with new rewards for players at max level. Tweaks to the Conqueror and Bear Shaman classes are also expected in this update.

Other future updates include content additions to The Secrets of the Dragon's Spine and several new dungeons. This will also include a trade-skill revamp, which the team expects to add " a whole new dimension to to the depth of [the game's] itemization." The update is expected before the end of the year.

2013 and beyond is expected to bring more content for the Dragon Spine dungeons, as well as revamped versions of older dungeons. The team will also work on new PvP raids and minigames, along with unscheduled content.

Age of Conan released for PC in May of 2008. For the full details on future updates, visit the website.

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