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'Home' retro horror developer dreams of iOS release next year

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Home review screen 4
Home review screen 4

Home creator hopes for an iOS release next year.

Home, the retro-styled PC horror game made available to Steam last week, could be released to iOS devices as soon as next year, developer Benjamin Rivers told Polygon.

"Home was initially envisioned as an iPad game," Rivers explained. "But I realized at the time I didn't have the chops to make it happen. I absolutely want to do this, and I am looking to partner with another independent developer who's familiar enough with the new Game Maker Studio to help me fix all the crazy problems that have arisen from translating the game from the version of Game Maker to the new one. If I can hire someone to help with this, I would love to get an iOS version of Home out in the new year."

He adds that those interested in the position can email him with resumes at

The PC title, which last month received an 8 out of 10 from Polygon, is described as a murder mystery with a twist, allowing the player to ultimately decide what happens. The title was released for the first time in June, and has since remained DRM-free; However, Rivers says, pirating has not been an issue.

"I know versions of the game are floating around on torrents (which, considering the game's Creative Commons license, is not illegal), but the relatively low price doesn't seem to be much of a barrier. I've actually received emails from folks who admitted they pirated the game, and then bought it after playing. I really think you have to trust your customers; I didn't want to make anything difficult for anyone, and so far it seems to be working."

Now on Steam for $2.99, Home includes a .PDF manual akin to the physical book made available in its original Old-School Collector's Edition, along with extras not previously included in the physical copy. Those who previously purchased the Collector's Edition in June will also receive a free Steam key to migrate the title, while all customers will receive updates and support in parity with the Steam version.

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