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'Injustice: Gods Among Us' vs. PAX Prime 2012

Watch our interview from the PAX Prime show floor.

injustice gods among us
injustice gods among us

Nether Realm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment brought Injustice: Gods Among Us to PAX Prime, and Polygon shot an interview about the game and its challenges.

NetherRealm Studios has been making Mortal Kombat games for over 20 years, but its next game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, leaves Earthrealm behind for the DC Comics universe.

Polygon caught up with Hector Sanchez, a producer at NetherRealm, at PAX Prime, and he told us that Injustice offered a chance to reassess how the studio makes fighting games. Players familiar with Mortal Kombat will feel the difference as soon as they pick up a controller. Injustice departs from the Mortal Kombat control scheme. Gone, for example, is the block button in favor of blocking by pressing back.

Throughout development, NetherRealm and DC Comics, both of whom are under the Warner Bros. corporate umbrella, worked together to bring narrative, characters, and locations to the game.

You can watch our PAX Prime interview with Sanchez, where we talk about the challenges that come from branching out and how, exactly, anyone can call a fight between Superman and Catwoman fair.

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