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Watch the 'Team Fortress 2' Scout destroy 'Left 4 Dead' zombies in this fan-made video

Left 4 Team Fortress

scout vs witch
scout vs witch

Watch the "Team Fortress" Scout destroy a horde of zombies from "Left 4 Dead" in this animator's resume video.

The Red Scout of Team Fortress 2 fame tears through a horde of Left 4 Dead zombies in a fan-made video from animator-for-hire Randall Glass.

Glass posted the below video, which serves as a moving resume, to YouTube on Saturday, stating he is on the market for a job in animation. The movie was created using Source Filmmaker – Valve's movie-making tool for use in its Source game engine – and the Team Fortress 2 software development kit. The Left 4 Dead zombie group scenes were filmed and added from the original game. Glass animated all dialogue and facial movements, including facial animations for the Witch.

More of Glass' work, including a demo reel, can be viewed at his personal website.

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