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'Remember Me' lets players customize and combine attacks

Players won't be able to overpower the game

Remember Me, Dontnod Entertainment's third-person action-adventure game, will allow players to create custom combos in a feature called the Combo Lab, reports Eurogamer.

At Eurogamer Expo, Dontnod's creative director and founding partner, Jean-Maxime Moris, demonstrated the game's combat system. Remember Me's protagonist, Nilin, uses different moves called Pressens. Combos are built off four different types of Pressens, which regain health, add damage, cooldown, or chain attacks. Using the Combo Lab, players can combine different moves to create more than 50,000 combos. Or, for players not interested in the Combo Lab, moves can be auto-filled. Nilin also has five S-Pressens, which trigger special moves. S-Pressens will require a cooldown after use, but can be filled into combos for powerful attacks.

According to Moris, players won't be able to exploit and overpower the game through the Combo Lab.

"That would be the case if you had all these Pressens, all of these combos, and all of the S-Pressens from the start, which you don't," said Moris. "All of these are unlocked progressively throughout the game.

"You won't spend that much time in the Combo Lab. The pacing of the combat would be really weird if that was the case. You will start with 10 or 12 Pressens and three or four combos. From there you can build up to 24 Pressens and five S-Pressens. And every time we introduce a new enemy into the game you will have new stuff to do and new Pressens and S-Pressens to face the situation," said Moris.

Remember Me is currently slated for a 2013 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It takes place in Neo-Paris, a cyberpunk future where memories can be hunted and hacked.

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