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Rovio 'needs a big hit' with 'Bad Piggies'

“Rovio needs to re-establish its reputation for creating hits with legs." Tero Kuittinen, mobile games analyst

Game developer Rovio will have to recreate the success of Angry Birds with Bad Piggies in order to keep its momentum, reports Reuters.

In an interview with the publication, analyst Tero Kuittinen of Finnish mobile analytics firm Alekstra confirmed that the company is currently on a downward slope. "Rovio needs a big hit right now," said Kuittinen. "Over the past two months, Rovio's revenue-generation ability has suddenly slipped badly."

"Rovio needs to re-establish its reputation for creating hits with legs. There is no doubt that the pig game will hit No. 1 at launch. But it has to stay in [the] top ten for half a year to erase the doubts that the fast fade of Amazing Alex [Rovio's last game] has created," said Kuittinen.

Bad Piggies is a follow-up to the hit Angry Birds. Rather than attempting rescue as birds, players build vehicles as pigs to capture eggs.

Reuters reports that the company is hoping the title will branch out the brand. Rovio's head of gaming Petri Järvilehto called Bad Piggies "a long-term brand-building exercise."

"In three years from now we want to see Angry Birds and Bad Piggies as strong, vibrant brands out there," said Järvilehto.

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