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'Guild Wars 2' trading post now live

Buy low, sell high

guild wars 2
guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2's auction house is finally live after launching without one.

Guild Wars 2's trading post, an in-game auction system that helps to drive the massively multiplayer game's economy, is now live, according to the latest patch notes available on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.

The game, which released earlier last week, launched without the auction system implemented. However, in an update made yesterday, the trading post is now finally available to all users.

"We've been expanding the Trading Post's capacity to handle the huge volume of requested trades," read a statement on the wiki last night. "After our test yesterday, we've been working to resolve some issues reported by players. We expect to have the Trading Post online for all players this evening (edit: after tonight's software update)."

In addition, numerous fixes to character storyline bugs, exploits, as well as an increase in the game server's capacity to handle new players entering the game, were included in the latest update.

Guild Wars 2 made its official release on August 28th, and managed to host 400,000 concurrent players during its pre-launch weekend headstart session.