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'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' to include detailed stat-tracking with World Tekken Federation

Track your Tekken career punch by punch.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 WTF
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 WTF
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World Tekken Federation brings detailed statistics and extensive analytics to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 players.

The creators of Tekken have taken lessons learned from online stat-tracking services for shooters — like Call of Duty: Elite and — and applied them to their competitive fighting game. The result is the World Tekken Federation, a new online service that tracks players throughout their Tekken Tag Tournament 2 career, offering detailed fight statistics and analytics designed to improve your game.

World Tekken Federation will launch alongside the console versions of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 when the game releases worldwide next week. Access to the service, which ties into players' Xbox Live and PlayStation Network accounts, is free.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 players who sign up for a World Tekken Federation account will get access to detailed fighting statistics that are updated in real-time. Each user's Player Card offers performance details including win-loss information on their most recent 20 matches, current Dan Rank for up to 10 characters, and win-loss data for both pairs and individual fightings.

Battle History dives deeper into individual fight stats. Players can review juggle damage, throw damage, counterattack figures, max combo counts, and much more across every single fight in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

During a hands-on session with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 last week, we got to dive into World Tekken Federation for ourselves. After playing an online match against a Namco employee hundreds of miles away — surprisingly smooth, given that we were playing over a mobile MiFi hotspot — we watched as our stats from a match using Nina and Yoshimitsu uploaded to the company's servers. In less than a minute, we could review our updated Player Card info via an iPad and watch a replay of our match in the game's Tekken Channel.

In addition to detailed individual stats, World Tekken Federation will also include tools for players to set up team profiles to join forces with friends and likeminded Tekken players. WTF includes a team leveling system, with unlockable, customizable emblems, including some that can only be won by taking part in special events and tournaments.

Players will be able to track their Tekken Tag team performance — and that of individual team members — through the World Tekken Federation web site, offering stats similar to that of Player Cards.

Namco Bandai says "there's not a single fighting game out there that has these features," but after the launch of World Tekken Federation, expect Tekken Tag Tournament 2's online service to quickly become a standard of fighting games, rather than an exception.

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