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'The Secret World' patch will tweak lairs to be more casual player-friendly

casual player-friendly

the secret world new york
the secret world new york

Funcom is tweaking lairs in "The Secret World" to be more casual player-friendly.

The Secret World's Lairs, high-level mobs designed to be tackled by three players equipped with endgame gear, are being tweaked to be more accessible for those who want the experience but are more casual players with patch Issue #2, "Digger Deeper," Funcom announced today on The Secret World blog.

The Secret World is divided into adventuring zones, each one including one Lair offering special ability-increasing items and the chance to unlock more difficult boss challenges. The upcoming patch will change Lairs to five-player challenges and add loot progression, giving your party everything it needs for the next stage in the current one. Each Lair will also get a new mission that rewards players an item for aid in summoning these additional Playfield Boss battles.

"When The Secret World launched, we wanted to be sure we did so with a deep and challenging endgame for groups of seriously dedicated players," Funcom wrote on the game's blog. "At the same time, we recognize that the high difficulty of Nightmare dungeons naturally excludes some of our players. Some people don't like the intense build requirements of Nightmares, or don't have the time to dedicate a few hours per night to wiping on the Ur Draug."

The Secret World launched on PC on June 19th. The patch will be available on September 11th.

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