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'Tryst' screenshots show off strategic action

Tryst wants to immerse you in its fiction with famous quotes about war

Gallery Photo: 'Tryst' screenshots
Gallery Photo: 'Tryst' screenshots

Tryst isn't your typical real-time strategy game, its developers claim.

Tryst isn't your typical real-time strategy game, its developers claim.

The RTS title from Hyderabad, India-based Blue Giant Interactive has a science-fiction universe that plays an important role in the game. The story anchors the human-versus-alien multiplayer action, whether two-on-two, three-on-three, or four-on-four, and takes players through the campaign.

Tryst concerns a mining colony on the planet Ishtonia IV, where humans discover a precious compound and set up shop to extract it. Eventually, the working class rebels against its overseers, but an alien landing — of an insectoid race, the Zali — temporarily halts hostilities. The Zali work with the humans at first, because they want the valuable element, too, but war soon breaks out between the humans and their former allies.

The Zali are a good race for beginners, since they can fit offensive and defensive play styles. They're adaptable to a variety of tactics, so while new players might have to take some time to figure out a path, almost all paths are open to Zali players. For example, different Zali units can be merged to create large, powerful instruments of war, but players also have the option to turtle and wait for an opponent's attack.

Five new screenshots are available below, along with a teaser trailer. Tryst is set for release on Steam on September 14th.

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