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'Code of Princess' for 3DS will have 100 local and online co-op quests

code of princess
code of princess

Atlus' fantasy brawler "Code of Princess" for Nintendo 3DS will have over 100 co-op quests to tackle, but in local and online multiplayer.

Fantasy action role-playing brawler Code of Princess for Nintendo 3DS boasts 100 co-op quests for players to tackle in both local and online multiplayer, publisher Atlus announced in a trailer today.

Classic side-scrolling beat 'em up mechanics have been woven into role-playing game framework, shown in the trailer posted below. Players can choose to fight as one of the title's four main protagonists or from over 50 other characters including NPCs and enemies.

Code of Princess, touted by developer Agatsuma Entertainment as the spiritual successor to hack-and-slash role-playing game Guardian Heroes, was released in Japan in April and will come to North America on October 9th. Pre-orders for the game include the Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book, which includes game artwork and selections from its soundtrack.