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'Rift: Storm Legion' expansion arriving November 13th

The continuation of Rift

rift storm legion
rift storm legion

Rift: Storm Legion coming November 13th.

Rift: Storm Legion, the first expansion for massively multiplayer game Rift, is set to launch on November 13th in North America and Europe, developer Trion Worlds announced.

"Work on Storm Legion literally began before the original game launched last year, so the development team had the rare opportunity to evolve the expansion alongside the live game." said Scott Hartsman, executive producer and Trion's chief creative officer. "The result is shaping up to be a carefully crafted and extremely polished experience that will completely enthrall players."

Players can place pre-orders starting today for the Standard or Infinity edition of the title, at $39.99 and $59.99, respectively. Those who pre-order will receive early access to one of the Storm Legion dungeons, titled Exodus of the Storm Queen, as well as an in-game cape for their character. In addition, the Infinity edition will come with a personal transporter called a Brevanic Portal Generator, a mini Regulos creature, and a cyclone mount.

Storm Legion introduces two new continents: a horror-themed Dusken, and Brevane which is said to be the cradle of Teleran civilization. Also included in the expansion is the duel-faction town Tempest Bay. Both continents will feature their own individual storylines, while introducing Crucia, the Queen of Storms who will infiltrate Telara.

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