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'Crimson Dragon' spin-off coming to Windows Phone on September 12th

crimson dragon side story
crimson dragon side story

Side-scrolling shooter "Crimson Dragon: Side Story" is coming to Windows Phone on September 12th, with still no word on its Xbox Live Arcade release.

Crimson Dragon for Xbox Live Arcade, a Kinect-controlled rail shooter and spiritual successor to Sega's classic Panzer Dragoon series, is still in limbo, but spin-off side-scroller Crimson Dragon: Side Story will be available for Windows Phone on September 12th.

Side Story utilizes the touchscreen to control dragons, maneuvering through and attacking enemies. The game features both Story and Mission Modes, the latter including more difficult stages and a boss-rush mode.

Players can breed new types of dragons, level them up, and customize their move sets with over 170 abilities unlockable in the game. Skills can be "awakened" in dragons by using jewels, attainable through gameplay, purchase, and by using the game's location service that tracks the physical distance players travel each day.

Crimson Dragon was scheduled to release on Xbox Live Arcade in Japan on June 13th, but missed its deadline and has had no news since. The title was first announced at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show as "Project Draco." Polygon has reached out to Microsoft for clarification on Crimson Dragon's absence in light of Side Story's upcoming release.