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'Might & Magic Heroes Online' co-op battles and customization detailed

Customize your own town

might and magic heroes online
might and magic heroes online

Might & Magic Heroes Online detailed.

The co-op battles and customization possibilities of Ubisoft's upcoming free-to-play title Might & Magic Heroes Online were detailed today by the publisher.

The browser-based role-playing game will allow users to customize their heroes by choosing to focus on either Might or Magic abilities, while recruiting numerous different creatures for their army, and collecting artifacts that offer a bonus during combat. Players can also invite friends to battle alongside them in co-op fights.

Might & Magic Heroes Online will feature a number of fantasy environments from the world of Ashan, including the temples of Elrath, and the undead lands of Nar-Heresh. By traveling through the world, players will be able to unravel the mysteries of the Order of the Void.

In addition, users can found towns of their own within Ashan, which can be used to set up army recruitment, an economy, trade routes, and resource gathering.

Might & Magic Heroes Online was first announced at this year's Gamescom last month. So far there is no official release date.

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