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'Silent Hunter Online' is a global war with 'endless' missions

With 4-player co-op

silent hunter online
silent hunter online

Silent Hunter Online will feature endless missions thanks to its mission generator

All missions in the upcoming free-to-play naval warfare title, Silent Hunter Online, will be playable with up to four players, as users take part in real-time missions to work toward the completion of server-wide missions, Ubisoft announced today.

The browser-based title will feature a minimum of eight campaigns, a tutorial, and a mission generator that offers an "endless" number of missions at the game's launch. Different gameplay modes and objectives include convoy attacks, special target hunts, as well as reconnaissance missions.

Players can expect to see numerous historical boat types that the player can either command or destroy, including up to 10 playable German U-boats, more than 20 authentic enemy ship types, and five different torpedo ships.

Silent Hunter Online will run using Flash 11 and feature environment simulation such as weather zones, time zones, and a day and night cycle.

The game is scheduled to hit this fall.

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