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'Gems with Friends' arcade-style challenge hits today on iOS

Free for iOS

gems with friends
gems with friends

Gems with Friends announced as newest member of the With Friends iOS series

Gems with Friends, the sixth title in the With Friends series, is available today for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, Zynga announced.

The next-gen mobile social game features an in-game chat, alongside a board game-style layout. Users are challenged to out-strategize their opponent by combining gems to score points throughout three two-minute rounds in which players drop and drag gems to gain a high score.

"We are always looking for innovative ways to expand the With Friends franchise and create brand new games that people love to play," said Travis Boatman, senior vice president of mobile at Zynga." When players pick up a With Friends game they can expect the signature features, but we will continue to keep them guessing with new genres and mechanics as we expand the franchise."

Gems with Friends is available for free today on the App Store, and is the first arcade-styled title in the franchise which boasts Words with Friends, Chess with Friends, and Matching with Friends.

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