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Sony's 'Player Studio' gives users the power of modding

Take a stab at EverQuest

EverQuest art
EverQuest art

Sony Online Entertainment introduces Player Studio for player modding.

Sony Online Entertainment is putting modding controls in the hands of players with the release of Player Studio, a new program that lets users design items in-game, the publisher announced on its official website.

With Player Studio, users can download sample geometry, learn how to construct virtual items, and then try to design all new items. Players can then customize them with a name, item description, and "rationale for how it fits into the ongoing narrative storyline."

So far the program is only available for US users, while item creation is only available within EverQuest and EverQuest II. This will eventually be expanded to SOE's Free Realms, and Vanguard massively multiplayer games, as well as further titles down the line.

Player Studio is available for free to all users with a Station account. More information will be detailed at this year's SOE Live event on October 18th to October 21st.

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