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Skylanders Cloud Patrol available today on Kindle Fire

Skylanders flying to Kindle

Skylanders Cloud Patrol Kindle Fire 960
Skylanders Cloud Patrol Kindle Fire 960

Skylanders Cloud Patrol, the mobile game tie-in to Activision's lucrative Skylanders franchise, will be available today on Kindle Fire, Activision announced today.

Cloud Patrol launched on iOS this past April.

Activision has teamed up with Amazon for the Kindle Fire version of Cloud Patrol to offer exclusive functionality. Players will be able to buy toys right from the app — an option that Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos highlighted during yesterday's Kindle press event — which will immediately unlock the digital version of that Skylander figure in Cloud Patrol, so kids can play with it while they wait for the physical toy to arrive.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol will be available on the first-generation Kindle Fire for 99 cents. The game will be compatible with the newly announced Kindle Fire HD, the 7-inch model of which will launch on September 14th for $199.

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