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Behind the scenes of PAX Prime's Indie Megabooth with its organizer

"There's a lot of sort of trial and error." Kelly Wallick, project manager at Infared5

indie megabooth pax prime 2012
indie megabooth pax prime 2012

Polygon talks with Kelly Wallick, the organizer of PAX Prime's Indie Megabooth.

PAX's Indie Megabooth is the product of cooperation.

At PAX Prime last week, a group of independent developers pooled their resources to purchase acreage on the show's main floor and subdivided it into mini-booths, where the developers were on hand with over 30 games.

The Megabooth is the brainchild of Fire Hose Games' Eitan Glinert, who wanted a booth in the busier, more expensive main convention hall. After PAX Prime 2011, he contacted indie developers with the idea of splitting the cost and space of a booth there.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, so Glinert enlisted the help of Kelly Wallick, a project manager at Boston's Infared5 consulting firm. She'd been working with Fire Hose when Glinert had cooked up the idea and volunteered to organize the project.

The first Megabooth at PAX East earlier this year had 16 developers. Its second incarnation included nearly double that number, and she's learning how to organize this as she goes.

"There's a lot of sort of trial and error," she said, but they hold a postmortem after each event to learn how to improve.

One thing she hasn't had to contend with is ego, because a spirit of cooperation that pervades the community of indie developers.

"The thing with the indie community is that … people don't compete with each other," she said. "They have strong opinions, but they all want what's best for the community, and they all want what's best for everyone."

You can watch our interview with Ruth and get a sense of what it was like to be in the thick of the Indie Megabooth below.

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