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Mobage deals 'Transformers,' 'Marvel' and wildcard 'Hellfire' at PAX Prime

Coming this fall: card battles on your mobile devices!

marvel war of heroes thor
marvel war of heroes thor

Polygon visited Mogabe’s booth at PAX prime last week to check out three games coming to iOS and Android: Transformers: Legends, Marvel: War of Heroes, and Hellfire.

Polygon visited Mobage's booth at PAX prime last week to check out three free-to-play games: Transformers: Legends, Marvel: War of Heroes, and Hellfire.

Transformers and Marvel are both card-based battle games, in which players collect, combine, and battle with in-game cards. Each card represents a character and includes skills and attributes that players can buff with other cards they collect while playing the game.

In Transformers: Legends, players will have choose between the Autobots, who want to protect Earth, and Decepticons, who'd rather strip-mine it for its energon. During the company's demonstration, we saw the basic mission structure, which includes choosing your battles on a world map, assembling your team, and pitting them in an automated battle that plays out based on the attributes of the cards in battle. Battles earn players credits and the opportunity to purchase more transformers cards to expand their armies.

In Marvel: War of Heroes, players assume the role of of a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who teams up with superheroes from the Marvel universe like Spider-Man and Iron Man. The premise is similar to the Transformers, in that players assemble a team of well-known characters and pit them against enemies in card-based battle.

Hellfire is a new game that the company revealed at PAX. Like Mobage's other two titles, Hellfire appeared to have a card-based back end, but rather than selecting cards and watching the battles unfold, Hellfire's battles are more hands-on. Players will have to use swiping gestures to fight, and their aim will have an effect on the damage done. In the PAX demonstration, a representative chose the appropriate warrior based on elemental buffs like ice and fire. During the battle, they used gestures to fling their rock-based attacks at their foes.

Transformers, Marvel, and Hellfire are set to launch this fall on iOS and Android. Be sure to check out our video from the show floor below to learn more about Mobage and its upcoming roster of games.

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