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How to watch the Blackout Doritos Bowl Call of Duty streamer tournament

You’ll even have a chance to play against the pros

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and its battle royale mode, Blackout, have only been out for two weeks but it’s already time for the game’s first esports-style event: the Doritos Bowl, a streamer-focused Blackout tournament.

The tournament will be hosted at TwitchCon 2018, where some of the world’s biggest streamers will gather to celebrate the streaming community.

The Doritos Bowl will feature four special all-star teams, while the rest of the lobby in each match will be filled by fans who want to compete against their favorite players. As for the teams themselves, they’ll compete against one another via a points system in hopes of grabbing the biggest possible portion of the event’s $250,000 prize pool.

For each kill a team gets, they will receive one point. Meanwhile, placing in the top 10 will give them a 0.5x multiplier to their total points, a top-five finish will give them a 0.75x bonus and a top-three finish will get a 1.25x bonus to the points they earn from kills. The event will play out over four matches, at the end of which the team with the most points will be the Doritos Bowl champions.

The Doritos Bowl will be streamed live on Twitch starting on Saturday, Oct. 27 at 3:30 p.m. ET on the Doritos Twitch channel.


Team Ninja

  • Ninja
  • JoshOG
  • Gold Glove
  • FearItself

Team Shroud

  • Shroud
  • Just9n
  • ChocoTaco
  • Chad

Team Courage

  • Courage
  • Karma
  • TeePee
  • Hysteria

Team DrLupo

  • DrLupo
  • Annemunition
  • Mad Ruski
  • Ninja with no L

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