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Celeste DLC won’t be ready on its anniversary, will be free

Levels will be harder than the current hardest difficulty

Matt Makes Games
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The “thank-you” DLC that Matt Thorson is making for Celeste and its many fans won’t be ready in time for the game’s first birthday (Jan. 25), Thorson said yesterday. But the platformer’s creator did share a few more details about what’s in store.

The farewell levels will be, as promised, hard — “after the current hardest levels in difficulty,” Thorson clarified. There will be new items and game mechanics but no strawberries. And, to reiterate, all this will be free on all platforms.

“It’s all one continuous chapter, no B-Side,” Thorson said.

“Are you guys finally gonna add Ridley,” deadpanned a fan in reply.

Kidding aside, Thorson’s news makes it important for Xbox One Gold subscribers to pick up the game while it’s still free this month, so they can get in on the free DLC action when that drops later. They should pick up Celeste regardless, as it’s one of our 10 best games of 2018 and is nominated for three honors, including Game of the Year, at the 19th annual Game Developers Choice Awards this March.