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Someone put Undertale’s Sans fight in Fortnite, and it’s amazing

“You’re gonna have a bad time.”

The deathrun community is home to some of the most creative Fortnite players around. Case in point: this new Undertale tribute map that replicates the notorious difficulty of the Sans battle.

As veteran Undertale fans know, the “genocide” route of the RPG pits players against the hoody-wearing skeleton at the end of the game. It’s a memorable fight, not only because it’s Sans — a beloved character — but because the boss battle is epic. Megalovania, the track that plays during the showdown, has gone down as one of the best songs in video game history.

Now, Undertale is a 2D game, which makes recreating the battle in a 3D game like Fortnite a little tricky. Mustard Plays, the creator, makes ample use of Fortnite’s platforming mechanics to make avatars run through the level. As players go forward, white obstacles mimicking Sans’ attacks threaten you. If you don’t make the right jumps, or take the right route, traps and death barriers will instantly kill you. Later on, there are also challenges like using impulse grenades to make long jumps, and using the grappler to move forward. It’s not an exact 1:1 replica, but the Fortnite creation definitely captures the spirit and challenge of the original fight.

If you want to play it, here’s the map code: 0249-6711-6008.

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