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Crash Bandicoot Vicarious Visions/Activision

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Polygon tries to draw Crash Bandicoot from memory

Crash wouldn’t apologize and we won’t either

Naturally, to celebrate the release of Crash Bandicoot 4, a chunk of the Polygon gang got together and drew the lovable bandicoot from memory.

Crash is one of the iconic mascot characters from the 1990s, starring in his own horrible live-action commercials, wearing cool shorts and fingerless gloves, and eating wumpa fruit. Though many of us thought we knew Crash, it turned out that we did not actually remember what this guy looked like. He’s orange? He has ears? He’s vaguely triangle shaped? He has shorts?

We have a mix of media, some old references, and a lot of good bandicoots in here. Also, lots of Polygon staff learned what a bandicoot was today, apparently.

Charlie Hall

“After what feels like two solid months reviewing some really complicated video games, I’m absolutely fried. Mentally and physically. I completely forgot we had Draws today, and when Slack pinged me I found I had neither a pencil nor a piece of paper anywhere nearby. So this is a chunk of 2x4 from... it’s probably from the cockpit I built. Or maybe under a CPU that was in the closet. Whatever. I started at the feet, and was going for like a Phineas and Ferb lookin’ ... thing. I got the the waist and realized I’d made a really, really awful compound fracture of Crash’s leg. There was no going back. I’m going to go take a nap before dinner.”

Maddy Myers

“Who is Crash Bandicoot? Is a “bandicoot” a real animal? Do they wear shoes? Should they? These are the sorts of questions that I hope to raise in this piece. The answers are, of course, unknowable.”

Emily Heller

“I finished my first Crash early (because I was using a tiny golf pencil with no eraser) so I decided to try my hand at drawing a real bandicoot. Turns out, I’m one of the only people at Polygon who actually knows what a bandicoot is. Anyway, I love him very much.”

Susana Polo

“I tried to capture the essence of a Crash Bandicoot in its natural habitat, a World of Warcraft screenshot.”

Julia Lee

“Today I learned that bandicoots are rodent-like creatures, not fox-like creatures. Also ‘wumpa fruit’ is a funny name.”

Petrana Radulovich

“For some reason, the only vivid memory I have of Crash Bandicoot is his belly button.”

Cass Marshall

Brian Gilbert

“Three things I know about Crash Bandicoot:

  • Big torso/head
  • Little legs
  • Hates boxes

Chelsea Stark

“There is only one Crash Bandicoot that sticks in my head, and it’s the crash suit from the ‘90s PSOne ads, where he goes to antagonize the Nintendo headquarters. Why would you do this, Crash? Aren’t you a nice bandicoot?”

Simone de Rochefort

“Wow! As usual I started with the ears. But when I accidentally made Crash’s nose way too narrow I knew I had to commit to... whatever this is. My coworkers told me that Crash’s Dorito-shaped body is good and recognizable so I’m proud of what I’ve done here.”

Clayton Ashley

“I thought this would be easy, but as I got to the face, the image of Crash in my minds eye melted away. Instead, I decided to focus my energies replicating his textures: fuzzy orange fur, irregular jeans, shiny read shoes. Oh, and I gave him the “cowabunga” hand gesture. Seems like a thing Crash would do.”

Josh Rios

“I honestly wanted to channel some high school notebook energy and completely forgot what crash’s face looked like. So I also signed for posterity.”

Patrick Gill

“Crash Bandicoot is just an awful looking guy. I get what they were going for but I wish they didn’t.”

Karen Han

“Crash Bandicoot … Bandicoot Crash … Crashed Bandicoot.”