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Animal Crossing fans go feral with their passport photos

Dick pics, veiled threats, and silly goofs

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - a villager shakes in fear in front of Nook’s Cranny Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows the player to set up a passport with a title and photo. I’m a “messy egg,” and my character is staring straight ahead into the camera, complying with all passport photo regulations. It didn’t take me long to find out that other players have taken a much more imaginative approach.

For instance, the addition of Redd and his assortment of art — including Michelangelo’s David — allows players to pose with an assortment of new props, including some that are, uh, a little NSFW.

In fact, you can include all sorts of props in your passport, and with the right caption, a player can paint a vivid portrait that will truly make their mark on anyone else they encounter.

Some players, like my colleague Karen Han, prefer to try and capture the most authentic picture of themselves possible. These shots are all about character, and they don’t include props or patterns in the frame.

Other players are creating passport photos that tell a story. Sometimes these photos refer to recent events, and other times they’re more about trying to capture a specific mood.

Clever positioning of custom patterns also allows players to get more unique passport photos — if you can get it onto a canvas, you can angle the passport shot to include that pattern and use it to portray yourself. Some Animal Crossing fans are using this trick to have all manner of unexpected photos, like Nicolas Cage, because why not?

On the New Horizons subreddit, Aurion971 posted a visual guide on how to get some truly absurd and hilarious shots of villagers that can then be re-purposed into a passport shot. Harv’s Island, while unnerving to some, allows players to get some otherwise impossible shots.

Other players use their passports to celebrate the more mundane aspects of their island. One player, villianboy, has created an ode to the humble weed — the most common aspect of every island, but also a plant that is disrespected by most players.

FinStop, another Reddit user, posted a passport photo that depicted the surprisingly popular turtle. The close-up shot of this angry amphibian’s face is fantastic; it deserves to go into the new art wing of Blathers’ museum.

Other New Horizons fans have taken advantage of the game’s custom patterns to set up an elaborate homage. For instance, Hell-N on Reddit posted this The Shining inspired passport; it’s a perfect shot that captures Kubrick’s vision a little too well.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers players tons of ways to customize their islands and their characters; it’s no surprise that fans are getting equally creative with their passports. Luckily, travel restrictions are pretty loose with Dodo Air, because most of these photos absolutely would not pass a stricter inspection.

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