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Welcome to a week of Mortal Kombat coverage! From the movies to the games to the comical amounts of gore, we’re sending you on a trip into hell to hang with your pal Scorpion.

Looking for the history behind the creation of the ESRB and how the original Mortal Kombat brought the rating system into being? We’ve got you covered.

We’re also running down the list of some of the more pitiful Mortal Kombat clones that dropped throughout the mid-’90s, from Time Killers to Tattoo Assassins.

That’s not to mention our ode to the one and only Shujinko, a character that has been incredibly important throughout much of Mortal Kombat’s history, even though very few people know who the heck they are.

But that’s not all! Stick around all week, as we’ll have more from the world of Mortal Kombat, with a special focus on the new movie, arriving on HBO Max on April 23.