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Here are all of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’s new Void abilities

Void 3.0 is going to change up players’ favorite skills

Warlock Void 3.0 subclass preview from Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Image: Bungie
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While Destiny 2: The Witch Queen won’t add a new Darkness subclass to the game, the way Beyond Light added Stasis, it will change how the Light subclasses work. On Feb. 22, Destiny 2’s Void classes will change over to the Aspect and Fragment system that Stasis uses. This should make the class far more versatile and useful, customizable for each player.

Bungie gave its best look at Void 3.0 yet in a blog on Thursday.

First, the studio reminded players about the new Void 3.0 “verbs,” which are, word-for-word, as follows:

  • Suppress: The target is taken out of any active ability when suppressed. While suppressed, the target cannot activate any abilities or movement modes. Combatants are disoriented.
  • Weaken: The target takes increased damage, has slowed movement, and is disoriented.
  • Volatile: The target will explode in a Void detonation upon taking additional damage. If the target dies before volatile has taken enough damage to detonate, the detonation happens anyway.
  • Invisibility: The player vanishes from sight and does not appear on radar.
  • Overshield: The player gains a protective barrier that immediately stacks on top of their existing health and shields and intercepts incoming damage. Overshield reduces the damage taken from PvE combatants.
  • Devour: The player is immediately restored to full health upon activating devour from any source and is granted grenade energy. When the player gets any kill with devour active, they are restored to full health, granted grenade energy, and their devour buff timer is extended.

When Guardians read a word like Volatile in an ability description, they know it means the enemy will explode, and so on. This is similar to Stasis’ verbs, like Shatter.

The blog then delves into individual classes, starting with Titans.

Titans are all about defense, and will have two Supers to choose from in Void 3.0: Ward of Dawn and Sentinel Shield. (According to Bungie’s sandbox discipline lead, Kevin Yanes, Banner Shield is now baked into Sentinel Shield.) Ward of Dawn will now summon instantly, and Sentinel Shield will offer a more mobile play style while still promoting defense. Titans will also have a shield-throw melee ability, letting them chuck their shield whenever they want.

Here are the three Titan Aspects coming in Void 3.0:

  • Controlled Demolition: Hitting a target with a Void ability or volatile detonation will make them volatile.
  • Bastion: Casting Barricade generates overshield for yourself and nearby allies. Those bunkering behind the shield will regenerate overshield over time and extend the overshield’s duration.
  • Offensive Bulwark: While you have overshield or are inside the Ward of Dawn, grenades charge significantly faster and you have increased melee damage. You also gain an additional shield throw for your Sentinel Shield Super.

Hunters are speedy, stealthy devils already, and Void 3.0 will enhance that. Hunters will have three Supers to choose from under the new system: Spectral Blades, Shadowshot Deadfall, and the heavily reworked Shadowshot Moebius Quiver. Moebius Quiver will shoot three arrows at once, and it turns tethered enemies Volatile. Deadfall’s tether anchor pulls enemies closer. The Hunter Snare Bomb melee will also Weaken enemies after the update.

Here are the three Hunter Aspects coming in Void 3.0:

  • Trapper’s Ambush: Players can activate Quickfall to spend their melee charge and dive to the ground, creating a smoke cloud upon impact. Enemies caught in the cloud are weakened and allies become invisible. In addition, Snare Bombs, upon attaching to surfaces or enemies, cause nearby allies to become invisible.
  • Vanishing Step: Dodging makes the Hunter invisible.
  • Stylish Executioner: Defeating a Void-debuffed target (weakened, suppressed, or volatile) grants invisibility and Truesight. While invisible and after a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack weakens enemies.

Warlocks’ Void subclasses are all about energy siphoning and — just as it is now — disintegrating stuff. Warlocks will have three Void Supers: Nova Warp, Nova Bomb Vortex, and Nova Bomb Cataclysm. These all mostly function as they do now, although Vortex will draw enemies into the damage field. Warlocks will also get a new melee ability called Pocket Singularity, which causes them to lob a bomb that pushes enemies away and turns them Volatile.

  • Chaos Accelerant: Hold down the grenade button to overcharge your Vortex, Axion Bolt, Scatter, and Magnetic grenades. Magnetic grenades overcharge into Handheld Supernova.
  • Feed the Void: Defeat an enemy with a Void ability to activate devour.
  • Child of the Old Gods: Cast your Rift to summon a Void Soul. When you damage an enemy with your weapon, your Void Soul will launch itself toward them and detonate nearby, attaching draining tendrils which deal damage and weaken the target. When your Void Soul deals damage, it restores either melee and grenade energy (if running Healing Rift), or health (if running Empowering Rift) back to you. Defeating an enemy who is being drained grants Rift energy.

Void grenades will also see a major shift with Void 3.0. Instead of each class only having three to choose from, all classes can choose from all five grenade types. The studio also previewed a few Fragments coming in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, which should enhance some of the Aspects:

  • Echo of Expulsion: Void ability kills cause enemies to explode; Intellect bonus.
  • Echo of Provision: Damaging enemies with grenades grants melee energy; Strength penalty.
  • Echo of Domineering: After suppressing a target, gain greatly increased Mobility for a short duration and your equipped weapon is reloaded from reserves; Discipline bonus.
  • Echo of Undermining: Void grenades weaken enemies; Discipline penalty.

Finally, Bungie clarified how players will unlock the new Aspects and Fragments. Existing Destiny 2 players won’t need to unlock anything, and they’ll start The Witch Queen with their Void 3.0 subclasses mostly intact. New players will unlock it during the brief New Light campaign. Bungie did reveal that certain Fragments won’t be available until after The Witch Queen raid’s world first race.

Void 3.0 is just the first major ability refresh coming in 2022. Solar and Arc will both come in seasonal releases, sometime between February and whenever Bungie launches the Lightfall expansion, sometime in 2023. They’ll focus on burning/healing and chaining damage respectively.

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