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Apex Legends leakers say they know the next 9 characters

Two years of content apparently found, and leaked, by Apex fans

a blond woman in a blue and orange parka holds a finger to her lips in a ‘shush’ gesture Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
Pete Volk (he/they) is Polygon’s curation editor for movies and TV, with a particular love for action and martial arts movies.

Apex Legends fans say they’ve uncovered plans for the next two years’ worth of content — including the next nine Legends — as well as a new map, new weapons, new heirlooms, and more. The revelations come following a comprehensive leak uploaded anonymously to filehosting sites on Tuesday and then shared on Reddit.

The huge leak includes video files as well as datamined text, and describes the new Legends’ designs and their abilities. The leakers predict the next character coming to the game is Newcastle, a defense legend who can drag downed teammates and create a fortified area on the map.

The other eight Legends all have full ability descriptions in the text files included with the leak. There’s a peek at a new map, still under construction, called “Divided Moon.” And Crypto’s upcoming heirloom, plus another one for Valkyrie, are also described.

Polygon has reached out to an Electronic Arts representative for additional comment on this leak. The documents have already been removed from one file hosting site.

This is not the first time Respawn Entertainment’s game has dealt with leaks. In 2018, a year before the free-to-play battle royale launched, the Titanfall subreddit posted an image of King’s Canyon, Apex’s original map. Fans also got ahead of Crypto’s 2019 reveal, as well as the Halloween event later that year.

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